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Safelink Blogger Safe Platinum Template

Safelink Blogger Safe Platinum Template
Safelink Blogger Safe Platinum Template - This is the first article on this blog, I have also written this article on the main blog, because this article is still new on the main blog so I decided to write it on this blog as the first article.

Safelink Blogger is a blog to secure outbound links on a blog, among Indonesian bloggers themselves, safelink blogger is no stranger to safelink, which uses base64 to decode outbound links, simply safelink is only a redirect page created to divert outbound links before the link the original is accessed.

because this safelink will appear as a page, we can put ads to increase revenue from blogs. this is also another function of safelink.

This safelink template blogger is interesting because it looks like this template has a code structure that is slightly different from the safelink template blogger that Google has been circulating, including the use of Crypto JS encryption, 2x click to the link, auto and manuals safelink, and the best is this safelink template is shared for free by the author. You can also see it here

Here are the Safe Platinum Features :

  • Using Crypto JS
  • Click 2x to bring up the link button
  • Responsive
  • Random Generate Link
  • Full Page Script or Auto Safelink with random posts when refreshed
  • Adverts on the sidebar and left
  • Ads in the post are included as you wish
  • Adverts on the front page up and down

How to install and create a safelink blog

This template will be used by other blogs so please create a blog for safelink, not your main blog
  1. open
  2. Enter blogger
  3. after being on the dashboard then heading to the Themes menu
  4. Then click the edit HTML button
  5. After that delete all the code in the editor </ li>
  6. Then copy all Safe Platinum template codes that have previously been downloaded
  7. Then Paste in the template editor </ b>
  8. After that click the save theme button
If the template has an error, please change your template to blogger default template first, then repeat the method above

How to Make Postings

to make safelink work well you have to enter some code into the post that you made, the code will bring up the button to point to the main link
  1. first goes to the blogger dashboard
  2. please click on the post menu and click the new post button
  3. please make a post with the contents as up to you, maybe about forex, health, business or other
  4. after enough with the contents of the article you wrote now you enter the code below at the top of the article in html mode (see picture)
  5. <div id="timer"></div> <div class="text-center"> <button id='getlink' class='btn bt-success hidden' disabled=''>Get Link</button> <!-- iklan --> </div>
    Safelink Blogger Safe Platinum Template
  6. If the first code you have inserted at the top, now turn to the 2nd code to be inserted in the middle of the article that you created (see picture)
  7. <div class="text-center"> <button id='gotolink' class='btn bt-success hidden' disabled=''>Go to Link</button> <div style='margin:auto;display:inline-block'> <!-- iklan --> </div> </div>
    Safelink Blogger Safe Platinum Template
  8. if you have entered both codes. please change your writing
    with your ad code, then publish the post
so if you want to make another post don't forget to enter the code so that safelink works properly and there is no error.

Setting the Homepage Ad Code and Sidebar

to use auto safelink you are required to enter the code below which aims to change all links to point to your safelink blog
  1. please click the Theme menu then click the html edit button
  2. then enter the code below just above the code </body>
  3. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var setting = { exceptionurl : ",", path : "#?o=" }; //]]> </script> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script>
  4. please change 5911586401633596264 with your safelink blog id, the id in the blogID section = blogger's dashboard
  5. url
  6. after that you save
Original DEMO | Download the Original Safe Platinum Template
The link above is still original from the official, if the process is not clear, please visit
thanks for the developer : Riedayme

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